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OEM spare parts – prompt, reliable, worldwide delivery

The name says it all

PROMPT is part of the MEDSER group of companies and supplies customers with original Siemens® spare parts – often within 24 hours. We know that when a machine breaks down in your clinic or medical practice, it is extremely important to minimise the downtime. We keep a stock of close to 7,500 spare parts in several thousand square metres of warehouse space, all ready for use.

Simply use the online form to enquire about any spare parts you require.
Alternatively, you can contact our sales department for spares.

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Individual all-inclusive offer

When purchasing directly from stock, we will send you an offer within an hour. Upon request, we will compare a range of transport options to determine the freight costs that represent the best balance between price and performance for your needs. It basically depends on whether you require the part as quickly as possible or as cheaply as possible. The offer we make includes shipping and insurance costs.

Worldwide delivery

International deliveries are our daily business. We have supplied products to customers in more than 90 countries, not just in the EU but even in some of the most remote parts of the world. Upon request, we can organise the entire shipment all the way to its final destination. In most cases, we will have your spare part ready for dispatch within 24 hours.

Tested quality

We also supply many SIEMENS® spare parts as pre-owned items. These have been tested to ensure they are in perfect working order. We maintain our own testing centre that is equipped especially for this purpose.
With older machine series, it is often the case that the original manufacturer is no longer able to supply spares. In this case, pre-owned parts represent an efficient and sustainable way of extending the life-cycle of your scanner.

The right parts – with certainty!

Installed parts in any given product line can vary according to the year of manufacture or model. When you use our online order form, the order is based on the article number of the component you wish to replace, which ensures that the part you receive is the right one. If you have any questions, you can contact the PROMPT sales team at any time.

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    About PROMPT

    PROMPT was created as an independent spinoff company of MEDSER Medical Services in 2015, to enable it to concentrate on the stringent requirements associated with the supply of spare parts for medical equipment.
    With more than 20 years of experience, MEDSER is able to guarantee PROMPT’s ability to deliver its products to customers all over the world – quickly, with excellent service, and in perfect condition.