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The right solution for
every requirement

It is important to our customers that they know they can rely on their CT system and be confident that it is always operational, whether it is in a veterinary practice, a community medical surgery or a large clinic. In the event of any operational disturbance, it is imperative that it can be restored to full functionality as quickly as possible.

service concept

MEDSER Medical Services offers a three-level service concept, ranging from basic coverage to an all-inclusive service package. It is even possible to provide optional additional risk coverage for the tube. The level of operational costs and risks that your service agreement should cover depends on how much use you make of your CT scanner, and it is therefore completely up to you to decide. We will be happy to advise you about the right service agreement for you.

No time for downtime
If your scanner is in frequent use, a flat-rate maintenance and repair agreement would make more sense financially. Moreover, with our Gold Service, you don’t have to worry about the cost of spare parts.

In daily use
The Silver Service is the ideal choice for operators who make frequent use of their scanner and prefer not to have to worry about service costs.

Ideal for low utilisation rates
Value preservation and a consistently good image quality at low fixed costs: the Bronze Service offers a reliable basic service for your CT.

MEDSER service concept

Our services in detail

Servicing according to the manufacturer’s specifications
Repair, inspection and replacement of wearing parts and safety components
Inspection and maintenance of image quality
Price advantage in the event of service support15 %100 %100 %
Remote servicing
Remote Support
Spare parts included
except x-ray tubes and wearing parts
98 % uptime guarantee
Tube rental service
optionally bookable
CT Siemens Somatom

Tube rental service – the simple solution in the event of a breakdown

If the tube in a CT scanner is defective, the system is usually a write-off. However, should this worst-case scenario ever happen to you, MEDSER Medical Services offers you the possibility of simply renting a tube, regardless of whether you are a Gold, Silver or Bronze service customer.

We ensure efficient tube replacement, to enable you to resume your activities as quickly as possible.

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Step 1

Fault report

Januar 1, 2019
Januar 1, 2019

Step 2

Remote diagnosis and
delivery of spare part

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Januar 1, 2019

Step 3


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Januar 1, 2019

Step 4

Resumption of service

Januar 1, 2019

Our definition of good service

Our first-level support line responds within minutes of you reporting an operational disturbance and analyses the fault using remote diagnostics. And thanks to the very wide range of spare parts that we always have in stock in our own warehouse, we are almost always able to remedy the fault on our first visit. As a result, your CT scanner is back in service after only a few hours. The speed of service offered by MEDSER is unbeatable.

Transport and installation

Whether you are moving to new premises, extending your existing treatment facilities or installing a new CT scanner, we can put together an overall solution that is best suited to your needs. We will advise you on your choice of equipment and how to plan the room, including a detailed feasibility analysis for your CT installation.
Here too, speed is one of our top priorities, with fully functional CT scanning restored after only minimum downtime.

You decide – we install – and you benefit from minimal downtime, maximum precision and adherence to our arranged delivery dates.

CT Transport und Installation

Solutions for veterinary practices

Since veterinary practices tend to perform relatively few CT scans, it makes sense to keep the cost of purchasing and maintaining such modern equipment affordable and plannable. One cost-effective option is to purchase a refurbished CT scanner rather than a new one, and to combine it with an individual service concept.

We will be happy to advise you without any obligation!