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Somatom Definition AS 64

SIEMENS® Definition AS 64 (#612)
(64-Slice Scanner)

Manufactured: 2013
Condition: reconditioned by MEDSER
Location: MEDSER Showroom, Heusenstamm/Frankfurt
Tube:Straton MX-P46


Aperture78 cm
Scan Field50 cm
Tilt+/- 30°
Rotational times0.33, 0.5, 1.0 s


Number of detector rows32
Number of projectionsUp to 4.608 (1/360°)
Max. slices / rotation64
Field of view50, 65 HD, 80 Extended cm

Image Reconstruction

Reconstruction timeup to 40 images/s
Reconstruction slice widthsAs low as 0.33 mm
Slice increment0.1–10 mm
Pitch factor (Volume Pitch)Up to 1.5
Scan lengthmax. 160 cm
Spiral scan timeMax. 100 s

Tube Assembly

Tube current range20–800 mA
Tube voltages70, 80, 100, 120, 140 kV
Anode heat storage capacity50 MHU (cooling rate of 7.3 MHU/min)
Focal Spot size according to IEC 603360.7 x 0.7 mm/7°
0.9 x 1.1 mm/7°

Patient Table

Max. table load220 kg
Table speed2–200 mm/s
Vertical table travel range48–92 cm (at table top)
Vertical travel speed20-50 mm/s
Scanable range (metal-free)160 cm


Examination room Temperature range18–28° C
Heat dissipation air-cooledMax. 12 kW
Heat dissipation water-cooledMax. 12 kW
Relative air humidity (no condensation)20-75%
Surface area for installation18 m2 (24 m2 incl. equipment room)
Generator power100 kW
Nominal line frequency50; 60 Hz
Max. power connection<70 kVA
Power consumption System on standby<4.0 kVA
Power consumption scanning125 kVA (at 80 kW)
140 kVA (at 100 kW)
Nominal voltage 3/N~380-480 V in 20 V steps

Included Specifications

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FAST CARE Technology

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Slice upgradeability

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